Secret Canyon

Today, my wife Denise and I went to Sedona to hunt down some fall colors.  What better place to find them than in Secret Canyon?  We were a little early for peak fall colors, but we were pleased with the color we found.  The secret about this place is that it is not crowded.  We only saw four other people the whole time.  Maybe it is the 3.3 miles of rough road to drive to the trailhead and the 8-10 mile round trip hike.  Either way, we enjoyed the cool shade of Secret Canyon and the contrast of red rock to vibrant green and yellow foliage.  I really should work on my thesis but this seemed more exciting, so I thought to get this distraction out of the way before getting back to writing.  I have the hardest time writing about my own artwork, not how I did it or what the subject is, rather, what are my intentions and objectives for making art.  I’ve got to dig deep and get to the point instead of floundering around.  I think I will start with some freewriting….  Enjoy these pictures, but you must keep this place a secret.

The photo above almost looks like an Eliot Porter, one of my favorite color photographers.  Click on this link to see my all time favorite Eliot Porter photo: