Prescott, Arizona

Russell Johnson grew up in Prescott, enjoying the natural diversity there. Prescott is a charming town, with history and plenty of outdoor activities. What makes Prescott amazing is the surrounding area: from the pine forests, to mountain lakes, to open grassland, and to the unique Granite Dells and Granite Mountain. With each change of season, Russell is out hiking and finding inspiration literally in his backyard. Among the paintings in this portfolio depict Prescott’s iconic Thumb Butte, a mass of granite rock. You will also find paintings of Watson Lake, Watson Woods, the Granite Dells, and Lynx Lake.

Prescott Paintings

Russell’s paintings of Prescott can be found primarily at The Frame & I, in downtown Prescott. If you are lucky, Russell himself might be at work the day you stop in. He is also a picture framer, sharing his creativity at The Frame & I since 1999.