The Grand Canyon

Living so close to one of the most well known National Parks has its advantages.  And, Russell has taken many opportunities to visit the canyon and create works based on his trips into the canyon. His first backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon was when he was 13 years of age. Since then, he rarely misses an annual multi-day trip to the Colorado River and back. These trips are valuable, offering inspiration for paintings for the many months following the hike.

The Grand Canyon is an iconic location.  People around the world come to visit every year, to look into the vast expanse of colors and textures, and to come away a little changed from the experience.

Russell has created many unique Grand Canyon paintings.  And he will continue to create new works from the Canyon as time marches on!  It’s a favorite location for him beyond just creating Grand Canyon paintings.  It’s a place to get away, to spend time with his family, and to seek adventure in a location that so many only wish they could visit!

Grand Canyon Paintings

To see Russell’s Grand Canyon Paintings in person, get in touch.  Russell shows at The Frame & I in Prescott, Arizona.  He also shows in other galleries in the Southwest, and often appears in shows throughout the Southwest.  The best way to find out the latest about where he’s showing?  Get in touch or subscribe to his blog for the latest information on his Grand Canyon Paintings, and the other landscape paintings he does as well!