Fossil Creek Day Hike

I took a break from schoolwork to be refreshed by the beauty of Fossil Springs.  I was last here about five years ago and since then, the dam has been demolished to the normal creek flow level.  This was part of an effort to make the creek wild again.  The tempature of the water was warm enough to swim in the 85 degree weather.  Such a perfect day to be there, not too many people.  Although we did see our share of folks.  I was warned that since Fossil Creek was publicized as a wilderness area, it became much more popular to visit.  Hence, more trash was visible, yet not as much as I was fearing.  Maybe the rains from earlier in the week had washed the trash out.  I was disturbed to see the trash and wonder what goes through people’s heads when they choose to leave litter when they so willingly carried down to that point.  Has the litter become that much heavier?  It is a four mile hike and many that hike this trail are not prepared for the potential hot climb out.  We hiked out in the late afternoon and just made it out as the first stars appeared in the sky.  The air was cool and once in a while a warm draft of air would raise from the canyon below.  We were about a mile from the trailhead on the way up, when we saw three young teenagers making their way down, carrying their bedding and food by hand, in duffle bags.  Sheesh, what next?  They will regret having to haul their stuff up on the way up.  Builds character, right?  I don’t see this hike as difficult but it can be in the blazing/hot sun during summer months.  An ill prepared hiker puts themselves in danger by not having enough water.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the hike.  Enjoy!