Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is a short one hour drive from Russell’s home area of Prescott. Imagine a hot Arizona day… what is there to do? Drive to Oak Creek Canyon just north of Sedona, hike down to a favorite swimming hole and cool off, of course. Russell Johnson especially enjoys the West Fork of Oak Creek the most for it’s quiet experience. The canyon is narrow and around each bend, new surprises await. The West Fork of Oak Creek is a popular hiking trail, especially during fall, when the autumn colors are sure to amaze and inspire. The trail is #108, and extends the length of the canyon fourteen miles in. Russell usually goes three miles in where the trail disappears into the narrows. The wonders of this place include the sculpted wave-shaped rocks and quiet pools of swirling, clear water. It is easy to find a quiet spot to paint even if it is a crowded day at the trail and enjoy this beautiful place.

Oak Creek Canyon is a place to relax and rejuvenate from life’s hurried pace. The foliage is lush at the creek’s edge, and red canyon walls ascend above. The water is clear, cool, and reflective. Search this group of paintings for peaceful yet vibrant scenes of rock and water.

Oak Creek Canyon Paintings

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